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Trees stumps will often need to be removed for either practical or aesthetic purposes. My versatile stump grinding equipment reduces stumps to sawdust in practically any situation, including areas which are difficult to access or require real precision work.


Sometimes, after cutting or pruning trees, the stump remains which can annoy residents and pose potential hazards later on. In such case, a scientific process to remove the unwanted remnants is executed by an experienced professional in the area. While this seems like a simple service, it can be quite damaging when it’s not carried out straight away. If left in its position problems can arise, these include:


  • Occupying your important surrounding area unnecessarily
  • Tripping hazards for children and other family members
  • Children often trip on tree stump, which may be harmful to them.
  • Infestation from ants, pests and other insects
  • Tree stump is more prone to attract ants, pests and other insects.
  • It is also harmful for surrounding plants and trees. If a stump develops fungi onto it, the fungi can easily spread across to nearby plants which can harm them.